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June 2, 2010

Car rental alternatives in the period of hiked gasoline price

… your way. As in current scenario of fluctuating gas prices demand for small cars have gone up, surprisingly, pressing up supply in car rental industry.

This one is tricky, but is the scenario in entire America. Whenever you go for car

April 12, 2010

History Of Car Hire; Model T To Sat-Nav

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The introduction of the Ford Model T as the first mass produced car is closely linked with the car hire industry. A mere eight years after the first Ts rolled of the production line an enterprising Nebraskan businessman called Joes Saunders started a car hire firm with one car. The main focus of his business [...]

March 26, 2010

Tips for arranging an affordable car rental on vacation

If you are going to buy a car rental for yourself, then you need to wary of many important things and above all other factors, it is the price for the car rental that should be paid best attention by you. As far as you are not well acquainted with all the tricks of car [...]

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